What if I have multiple mobile numbers?

Each Beep account is assigned to a single mobile number.

If you want to use multiple mobile numbers (i.e. work and home), you can register two Beep accounts.

At this stage you will need to have separate devices to use each Beep account.

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

You sure can. You can download Beep onto as many devices as you want.

Just register the same mobile number on each device, and it will be connected to your account and ready to go.

Logging out

To log out, open the sidebar menu and tap the Account item in the main menu, scroll down, and tap Log Out.

Logging out on a device stops that device from receiving beeps. To receive beeps on the device again you just need to re-register with the same mobile number.

If you are still logged in on another device, that device will still receive beeps.

De-register a number

If you wish to deregister a mobile number or delete your account entirely, please contact our helpdesk.