We take your privacy seriously. That’s why we take time to ensure the security of our web application and website, as well as ensuring we are compliant with the laws and regulations surrounding privacy in New Zealand.

We publish a detailed statement surrounding privacy in our terms and conditions that all users must accept before downloading, installing, or using Beep.

Organisations and Schools

When you register for Beep, we ask for your first and last name, your mobile number, and a contact email address.

We do not pass these details to Beep organisations without your permission. In order to communicate with you via Beep, organisations must already know your personal contact information or request an organisation to contact you on their behalf. We do not provide any facilities for organisations using Beep to share data between one another.

For example, if two organisations have a different form of your name (e.g. a nickname or different spelling) to that you entered when registering for Beep, you may notice that personalised messages from those organisations use their respectively held forms of your name. This is because the organisations are responsible for generating and sending their own communications, using the data that they hold.

Beep organisations can ask us whether a particular mobile number in their database is registered for Beep or not, for example in order to determine whether to send a text message or a Beep.

Third Parties

Beep uses some third party services in order to communicate with you. It is possible that personally identifiable information such as your name or email address may be included in messages sent to you, which would then be passed to a third party service for the purpose of delivering the message to your device(s).

We carefully audit and select third party service providers before engaging with them to ensure they respect your privacy.

Third party service providers we use include: