What to do if you don’t receive the code

Sometimes the stars don’t align, and the verification codes we send just don’t make it to your mobile device. Sigh.

Check your messages anyway

First thing’s first, check your text message inbox, just in case your phone received the message but didn’t, err, beep.

Wait a few minutes

If you can’t find it in your text message inbox, wait a few minutes. It might just be stuck in the pipes.

Verification codes will work for up to ten minutes after sending, so if you get a message that you’re locked out, contact our helpdesk.

Still nothing?

Have you changed mobile provider recently? That can cause text messages to get lost for a few days.

In any case contact our helpdesk, tell us your mobile number, and we’ll sort you out.

It says I’m locked out?

To help reduce abuse and spam, we limit the number of verification codes each mobile number can be sent in a given time period.

If you miss the active window to enter your verification code, and you’re getting a locked message when requesting another code, contact our helpdesk. We have magic tools to get around these things.