Q: How do organisations Beep me?

A: Organisations must already know your mobile number to send you Beeps.

We don’t give out your number.

Once you register, Beep organisations who previously sent you text messages will automatically start sending you beeps instead. See this handy diagram:

Q: What do you use my name and email address for?

A: It’s nice to be on a first name basis, and we use your name to help identify you and provide account support when needed.

Organisations don’t see the name you enter into your Beep account - they only see the details they hold about you. If they think your name is Bruce Wayne, well, we won’t correct them ;-).

We may use your email address to occasionally send information relating to your account - such as if an organisation removes you from their database, or if we have an important announcement that may affect your account.

Do you give out my contact details to other parties?

We may use trusted third party providers such as gateway service providers or telecommunications providers to deliver SMS messages, emails, and Beep messages.

We select and contract our service providers carefully to ensure they keep your personal data private.

We never give your name, mobile number, or email address to any other party without your consent.